Diseased Diligence

We’ve all been there. I’m currently there.

You’re disgusting and sick and all you want to do is sleep and possibly guzzle more of that sorry-excuse-for-cherry-flavored cold medicine. Not necessarily in that order. I don’t recommend sleep-dosing. Almost as unsafe as sleep-walking.

But because we are all diligent adults, we must still get things done. So put on your big kid pants, suck it up and take care of business so you can fall back into the heaven that is your sick nest. Mine currently consists of a down comforter, five completely necessary pillows, a large dog and a kitten. Don’t judge me.

Here are the incentives that have worked for me during this plague:

  • Uninterrupted sleep shortly thereafter
  • More cough medicine, preferably the kind that knocks you out…
  • A tiny sense of pride that you did things and you were worse off than everyone else. I’m allowed to think I’m better than you in this case…What? I said don’t judge me.
  • The thought that I won’t have to do something late and face consequences. Being scolded is so middle school.

So if you had the energy to read this and you’re in the same boat…congratulations. Now get things done.



Printer Troubles

More often than not, I have printer issues. The ridiculously expensive and fancy printer I have at home usually chooses to have a nap whenever I have something of dire importance to print… We’ve had talks… she doesn’t listen to me / doesn’t believe me when I say I will hurl her out of a window if she continues to fail me so utterly (…yes, my printer is a ‘she’).

These days, “my printer wasn’t working” is not a good enough excuse for professors when it comes time to turn in an assignment, and rightly so. There are ways around these frustrating beasts of plastic and programming. It may seem obvious but shoot an email to your professor about your issues with your unfriendly hunk of digital whatever and ask if they will accept an emailed copy. If the answer is simply ‘no’ (which would be very cantankerous and inflexible), email the file to yourself and hunt down a local library, campus building, or friend with a printer that doesn’t eat failure flakes for breakfast. Voila! Hard copy freshly inked and ready to be turned in.

Too many people use ‘printer troubles’ as an excuse to not turn in an assignment. Don’t let that be you! :)

Dear Weekend…Never leave me…Sincerely, Life

Okay, so it’s Friday, and I have some advice.

Get the most out of your weekend! Like many of you, my week is completely swallowed up by work, more work, classes, and a personal life (shockingly). I don’t know about the rest of you, but I actually value my weekends. Starting Monday of every week of my life, I begin planning my weekend. What movies are out? Are any of them worth the money (seriously, January and February are where movies go to die)? Can I eat enough for three people between Friday and Sunday? Do I have time to both sleep in and get some amount of homework done?

By Friday, I have an excellent idea of how I’m spending my weekend. This two day break from insanity shall include some homework (unless someone would like to do it for me), morning yoga, dinner with great friends, a going-away party that will include ample amounts of dancing and snack foods, and a relaxing Sunday afternoon at the dog park with the spoiled mutt.

I repeat. USE your weekends. Recollect your sanity and focus. Start your next week with purpose and focus and a clear mind. Loosen up! I won’t judge.

Writer’s Block?

I don’t actually know what writer’s block is. The word ‘block’ implies to me that, once I come upon it, that I can just leap over it without a second thought. Easy. Those times where I cannot for the life of me think of what to write cannot be classified as writer’s block. It’s literally writer’s mountain range. Here’s what goes into my writer’s mountain range:

  • Assignment is given.
  • Stare at requirements for about an hour or two for good measure.
  • Procrastinate. (See yesterday’s post.)
  • Eat out of boredom.
  • Stare at requirements again, and allow eyes to glaze over.
  • Type the word ‘The’.
  • Delete ‘The’.
  • Type first sentence.
  • Have eureka! moment and write the #&$^@ assignment.

Anyone have a mountain looming above a paper or another assignment?

“It’s due today? Oh…”

At times, dragging me over hot coals would be more pleasant than ending my bouts of procrastination and actually getting assignments done by their deadlines. I confess, it’s rare if I get a project or assignment done in a reasonable amount of time. I can’t tell you how many papers I’ve cranked out an hour before it’s due – it’s terrible. Not so conveniently, I tend to procrastinate the assignments that sound the least enjoyable.

One of my classes is a math course and like any sane person, I loathe math and all affiliated subtopics. Being an online class, it’s too easy to half-heartedly attempt to do homework and then open a new window to browse the internet (or in my case, shop!). Before you know it, your homework is due in an hour. Anyone else feel like this comic is their daily life?

In the end, though, reason wins over the whiny child inside of me and I compel myself to finish the task at hand. Anyone have any particular method to staying on task without losing yourself to the black hole of entertainment that is the interweb?

E-Books and Why They Win

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last five or so years, you should know that e-books are taking the techie and literary world by storm. I’m hardly a tech freak – new electronics are essentially just to new toys for me to abuse and try not to break/lose… But I can’t help but be enthusiastic when it comes to e-readers and e-books. After all, they combine my two favorite things – Toys and books (I’m really just a grown-up child). My newest toy (that I’ve taken very good care of, by the way) is my Nook Simple Touch, one of the many e-readers on the market. The screen is all of six inches which makes this bad boy easy to tuck into a backpack or purse and weighs next to nothing. So instead of toting around your enormous sack of learning all over the place with three unnecessarily heavy textbooks in it, consider this fresh gadget of excellence.

If the concept of saving your poor back alone doesn’t persuade you, how about saving your sanity? It’s a lucky day filled with triumph when I show up to class or my designated study space (a coffee shop, a friend’s, etc.) with all of my vital materials. Ironically, it’s always the most important material, the textbook, that I forget. I drop all of $100 on the Nook Simple Touch and suddenly, I never have to worry about forgetting a textbook again. Every single textbook for my classes this semester have been available as an e-pub/e-book. If it just so happens that yours isn’t, shoot an email to the publisher! Barnes and Nobles has a clickable link for interested consumers to send publishers emails if their book is not available in a digital format.

Are you still not convinced that you’re living in the dark ages? How about the fact that e-books are cheaper than their physical counterparts? Or that you can actually share books with fellow e-bookies? I hear all the time from friends who refuse to try out an e-reader that “nothing will ever be as wonderful as turning a real page”… They clearly haven’t had the joy of swiping a finger across a screen and watching words magically change. Silly archaic friends…

Internet Job Search Tips

The internet can be a great resource for job seekers who know what they are doing.  Here are some tips that will help you use the internet effectively.

  • Google yourself.  Google yourself to see what comes up — and what potential employers will see if they do the same.
  • Narrow your options.  Many job boards offer filters to help users refine their search results more quickly.  You should have the option to narrow your job search by region, industry, and duration. Oftentimes, you can narrow it even more by keywords, company names, experience needed, and salary.
  • Go directly to the source.  Instead of just applying for the posted job opening, one of the best strategies to finding a job is to first figure out where you want to work, target that company or industry, and then contact the hiring manager. Many employers’ career pages also invite visitors to fill out candidate profiles, describing their background, jobs of interest, salary requirements, and other preferences.
  • Find your niche with industry web sites.  Refine your search even more by visiting your industry’s national or regional web site where you can find jobs in your field that might not appear on a national job board.  More and more employers are advertising jobs on these sites in hopes of getting a bigger pool of qualified applicants.
  • Try online recruiters.  Recruiters will help match you with jobs that meet your specific skills and needs.  Not sure where to start?  Sites such as recruiterlink.com, onlinerecruitersdirectory.com, searchfirm.com, and i-recruit.com provide links to online headhunters for job seekers.
  • Run queries.  You run searches on everything else, from your high school sweetheart to low-fat recipes, so why not jobs?  Enter a query that describes the exact kind of job you’re seeking and you may find more resources you wouldn’t find otherwise (but be prepared to do some sorting).
  • Utilize job alerts.  Most job boards have features that allow you to sign up to receive e-mail alerts about newly available jobs that match your chosen criteria.
  • Get connected.  How many times have you been told that it’s not what you know, but who you know?  Thanks to the emergence of professional networking sites like LinkedIn.com, job seekers no longer have to rely on the old standby of exchanging business cards with strangers.  These sites are composed of millions of industry professionals and allow you to connect with people you know and the people they know and so forth.

Source: http://www.careerbuilder.com/Article/CB-703-Job-Search-Strategies-Top-10-Online-Job-Search-Tips/