Diseased Diligence

We’ve all been there. I’m currently there.

You’re disgusting and sick and all you want to do is sleep and possibly guzzle more of that sorry-excuse-for-cherry-flavored cold medicine. Not necessarily in that order. I don’t recommend sleep-dosing. Almost as unsafe as sleep-walking.

But because we are all diligent adults, we must still get things done. So put on your big kid pants, suck it up and take care of business so you can fall back into the heaven that is your sick nest. Mine currently consists of a down comforter, five completely necessary pillows, a large dog and a kitten. Don’t judge me.

Here are the incentives that have worked for me during this plague:

  • Uninterrupted sleep shortly thereafter
  • More cough medicine, preferably the kind that knocks you out…
  • A tiny sense of pride that you did things and you were worse off than everyone else. I’m allowed to think I’m better than you in this case…What? I said don’t judge me.
  • The thought that I won’t have to do something late and face consequences. Being scolded is so middle school.

So if you had the energy to read this and you’re in the same boat…congratulations. Now get things done.


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