Tech Tip Tuesday – Apps for College Students!

Here’s another post from our fabulous student worker, Eleni!

In this day and age, the computer and smartphone play a vital role in many students’ lives. We use Google to research, Microsoft Office programs for assignments, and email to communicate with peers and professors. Thanks to app developers, there are now apps for your phone and desktop that you can utilize for your basic education needs! Here are a few:


Whether you are taking an online course or face-to-face class, note taking is essential to learning the material. Evernote is a free program for your computer, phone, and mobile device (iPads, tablets, etc.) that you can use to take all of your notes. It also allows you to make separate folders for each course, capture audio or video, and you can search your notes easily using keywords or tags! And the best part? You can access all of your notes on all of your platforms. So if you’re away from your computer, you can access those same notes on your phone. It’s so convenient to have all of your notes and information in one place! I use Evernote for all of my classes.


Dropbox is another cloud-based program that allows you to upload your files online that you can access wherever you go. Because the service is web-based, you will need some kind of internet access to get to your files. This app is great for sharing files quickly between you and your peers or simply just storing them online for access between home and university! I, personally, find it easier to use Dropbox over email because it keeps all of my files in one place instead of scattered between emails.

Time Out Free

If you find yourself sitting in front of your computer for hours on end doing homework, this app is perfect for you. Everyone needs a reminder to take a break, and sometimes policing yourself just doesn’t cut it. With this app you can set up breaks and the program will grey out your screen to remind you to take a minute and rest your eyes and brain.


myHomework is an excellent organization tool. The app will split your to-do lists into three categories – upcoming, late, and completed. Very simple and very effective!