One More Week….

Just one more week of classes for the first term of the Fall 2012 session. Are you ready for that last exam? Need help polishing your last paper? Let us know how we can help!

Benefits of a Liberal Arts Education

You’ve probably heard it before, math and science are the most important subjects to learn. An education based in business will get you far.

The article linked here is an argument for the benefits of a liberal arts education.

You’re more likely to learn critical thinking skills, which are highly prized in every profession.

Check out our BPS program at: and learn more about a balanced program that has business, communication, and liberal arts.

Second Fall Term, Comin’ Right Up!

Did you know the second Fall term for BPS starts in just two weeks? If you’re not registered for a class for the second eight weeks, but would like to, get in touch with Phil or Kate on the Eau Claire campus. They can help you register and finish up your degree even faster!

Just Two Weeks Left!

Only two weeks left in this first eight-week term for the Fall semester. Are you ready to finish off strong? Write up that last paper and study up for your final exams and quizzes. Good luck, we’re all counting on you.


It can be hard to find the time to work a full time job and study for your classes. Check out this piece from that gives some helpful techniques for working and completing school work. Hey, if members of our armed services can do it, so can you.



Oddball Study Habits

When I was in school and had to write a paper, I would put on loud, fast rock music, rap music, or electronica/dance music. I also made a lot of flash cards, whether it was a foreign language or not, I would flash card it up.

Do you have any odd study habits? Only want to start studying a the beginning of the hour? Gotta move every 20 minutes?

Let us know!

Using your iPod/iPhone/Smartphone for School

Ever wind up running out of the house in the morning, trying to get to work on time, only to realize you forgot to post on the discussion board last night?

Try to bring up D2L on your mobile device. It might be a little clunky, but you’ll have the opportunity to finish that post before it’s too late!

Questions? Call us and ask!