Study for Your Learning Type: Visual Learner

What kind of learner are you? One of our previous blogs mentioned learner types visual learners or auditory learners or left brainers and right brainers. There are many, many more types.

For you Visual Learners out there, those who can learn big chunks of information in a single bound, what follows are some study tips that might ring true or tips that you might not have known about.

  1. Have the “big picture” in front of you instead of getting the information piecemeal.
  2. Close your eyes when you try to remember something, you’ll be able to picture the details of what you just looked at.
  3. Apply the concept you just learned as opposed to doing a learning drill. Challenge yourself to use what you just learned in a new practice.
  4. Try a Mind or Concept Map instead of an outline. It might help you visualize the information.
  5. Find different sources of visual materials when you’re studying. This can include PowerPoints, videos, graphs, maps, etc.

Keep up the hard work, you’re getting closer to realizing your dreams!