Best Value

I love a sale.  I love getting a high quality item that won’t break my wallet.  I just bought some killer Gucci sandals at T.J.Maxx for only $30.  It may not be sandal weather yet, but that didn’t stop me from taking a picture of my sandals, along with the price tag, and sending it to all my friends.

When it comes to education, this is hard to do.  School is expensive.  Wouldn’t you love a high quality school without the high price tag?  Well, according to Princeton Review’s 2012 ‘Best Value Colleges’ list, that is exactly what you are getting at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

UW-Eau Claire was recognized on the 2012 ‘Best Value Colleges’ list based on academics, costs, and financial aid.  The Princeton Review profile stated that UW Eau Claire “scholarships and grants are numerous, and often considerable, too”.

Read what UW-Eau Claire Students had to say:

  • “a great all-around school while still being affordable”
  • “a very good education for a very reasonable price”
  • “makes a high quality education accessible to those who could not typically afford one”
  • “scholarships offered secured my decision to attend”

So go ahead and brag.


Well-Rounded Education

The BPS major is Organizational Leadership and Communication. So why do you have to take classes on literature, sociology, and history?

It’s an established fact that employees who come from a liberal arts background are valuable for their communication and writing skills. In courses like literature, sociology, and history, just to name a few, you’ll learn how to express your opinions, both in speaking and in writing.

With the business, organizational leadership, and communication courses you’re taking, you’ll take the world by storm when you earn your BPS degree.

The articles below will give you a little more information on why liberal arts majors make great employees and why the BPS degree is so unique.

Good luck!


Blending Liberal Arts & Business Education

Why Employers Like Liberal Arts Grads