Summer Courses

Yes, it’s the middle of winter and the snow is flying outside. It’s never too early to think about future courses!

BPS will offer two new courses this summer:

CS290 – Introduction to Data Management: An introduction to managing data through using technology. Some topics of the course include understanding different types of data, managing data using spreadsheets and databases, creating application macros to manipulate data, designing and implementing databases, and visualizing data.

Sounds difficult but really rewarding!

IDIS360 – The Workforce in Music, Literature, & Art: In this course, students will examine the ways that different professions and professional communities are represented in art, literature, & music. Topics in the course include urban/rural work, employer/employee relations, and race/class/gender/sexuality in the workplace.

Here’s that multidisciplinary and well-rounded course you’ve been waiting for!

Registration for these courses opens February 13!