Halfway There!

Congrats on finishing up your fourth week of classes! How does it feel to be halfway done with the first term and a quarter of the way done with the semester? Keep up the hard work. We know you can do it!


What is Higher Education? A Degree or Something Else

Take a look at the blog linked below and weigh in. Should we be calling “Higher Education” something else? Is a degree really worth the blood, sweat, tears, and loans?

What is Higher Education? A Degree or Something Else.

New Courses this Fall

As you are probably already aware, we’ve got four new classes in the BPS program this fall:

CJ 392: Communication in Teams and Groups Taught by Nicole Schultz

Theories, concepts and skills to enhance communication in community and professional groups and teams. Includes problem-solving, decision-making, conflict resolution, team-building, and leadership.

PSB 370: Human Resource and Legal Issues in the Workplace Taught by Sheril Gilberstadt

Recruiting, selection, appraisal, training, reward systems, and employee relations in the workplace are examined. Addresses Equal Opportunity Law and international human resource issues, as well as basic workplace legal issues.

ECON 373: Economics of Urban Issues Taught by Maria DaCosta

This course provides an introduction to fundamental economic concepts, which are then applied to analyze urban issues such as housing, transportation, urban congestion, crime, and local government finance.

CJ 492: Analyzing and Improving Organizational Leadership Taught by Martha Fay (Developed by Mary Hoffman)

Emphasis on assessing organizational communication needs, and designing, implementing and evaluating strategies to address them. Focus on enhancing messages for external audiences as well as training and development, supervision, and change messages for internal audiences.

Check out all of our classes at our website.

Read About Us in the News!

Did you know there was a story about the Bachelor of Professional Studies program in the July 21st edition of the Eau Claire Leader Telegram? Learn all about it here: Leader Telegram Story.

How Are You Paying for College?

There are a lot of opportunities out there to pay for your college education. Scholarships and loans of course come to mind. But were you aware of Pell Grants? The Pell Grant has been around, more or less, since 1965 when the US Congress passed the Higher Education Act to provide more opportunities for lower and middle-income students. It is so named the Pell Grant for Claiborne Pell, a Rhode Island senator who worked hard to bring even more educational opportunities for middle-income students.

Unfortunately, students only get 12 semesters of Pell Grant support. Be vigilant about the time you spend in college. Take your time, but be aware that this grant money comes with strings attached – time-based strings. Read more about it from the dean of a community college.

Digital Identity Development | Inside Higher Ed

A lot of you are renewing your experience with higher education. Almost all of you are new to the experience of online education and navigating the digital world.

Take a glance at this blog by Eric Stoller about creating your digital identity. Some of it may seem like a no-brainer, but some if it may be something you hadn’t thought about before.

Digital Identity Development | Inside Higher Ed.

TGI – Friday

Ah, the weekend. Time to trade in the dress pants for jeans and do a little yard work, or hit up the local farmers’ market for an end-of-season tomato bonanza, or lounge on the couch all weekend.

Whatever you do to relax on the weekend, make sure you keep up with your assignments and don’t let anything slip by!

Have a good one!