Printer Troubles

More often than not, I have printer issues. The ridiculously expensive and fancy printer I have at home usually chooses to have a nap whenever I have something of dire importance to print… We’ve had talks… she doesn’t listen to me / doesn’t believe me when I say I will hurl her out of a window if she continues to fail me so utterly (…yes, my printer is a ‘she’).

These days, “my printer wasn’t working” is not a good enough excuse for professors when it comes time to turn in an assignment, and rightly so. There are ways around these frustrating beasts of plastic and programming. It may seem obvious but shoot an email to your professor about your issues with your unfriendly hunk of digital whatever and ask if they will accept an emailed copy. If the answer is simply ‘no’ (which would be very cantankerous and inflexible), email the file to yourself and hunt down a local library, campus building, or friend with a printer that doesn’t eat failure flakes for breakfast. Voila! Hard copy freshly inked and ready to be turned in.

Too many people use ‘printer troubles’ as an excuse to not turn in an assignment. Don’t let that be you! :)